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“Online pigeon   auction services”


Our Service

Midlands Pigeon Auctions is a complete Online Auction Service with much more to offer. Our team is made up of extremely dedicated and experienced pigeon fanciers with a total passion for racing pigeons. Therefore, we offer an auction service that will not disappoint!


The Benefits of Midlands Pigeon Auctions include:


Professional & friendly Customer Service

Our Professional and friendly customer service team will do all of the hard work whilst you sit back and enjoy a stress free auction. All you have to do is deliver your pigeons to us with the relevant details. Alternatively, we can arrange collection from you, you can of course add your own images, information and details if you desire.

Photography, Design & Presentation

Amongst the services that we offer we can arrange professional top quality photographers with years of experience to present and compliment your pigeons in the best possible way achieving the best possible outcome. Why not get in touch for more details and a free quote.

Top Quality Housing facility for your Pigeons

Whilst your pigeons are being auctioned we will hold them in one of our twice daily cleaned, well ventilated designated lofts. Your pigeons will receive top

quality care and attention during their stay ensuring the health and well-being of your pigeon(s).  

Auctioneering your Pigeons with On Line Bidding

Our online auction site uses the most up to date auction software allowing pigeon fanciers to view and bid for your pigeons not only nationally but globally. Our auction site keeps its users well informed with each bid using automated updates and a countdown clock for each lot so that everyone has the opportunity to bid and secure the best possible price for your pigeon. However, for those without internet access, do not worry, we also provide sale lists so that you can bid and make payments by telephone.

Advertising Your Pigeons

We can design your personalised announcements and advertisements in reputable racing pigeon magazines and websites.  

Delivery of Pigeons to their New Home

We take great pride in arranging a hassle free delivery service of pigeons sold in our auctions to their new homes. This service includes; overseas delivery along with the email/posting of the necessary pedigrees and the required transfer forms.

Payment Facility

Payments can be made by credit/debit card, cheque or by cash. We will collect all payments on your behalf from the successful bidders, deduct all necessary disbursements and we will notify you with the balance.

Commission & Auction Charges

Midlands Pigeon Auctions operates on a simple NO SALE NO FEE basis. If you upload your own advertisement (your own text and photograph) to our website then we only charge 15% of the overall sale price. All users will be required to provide a suitable image and text outlining the full details of the pigeon. Full details of how to do this are found here   If you would like Midlands Pigeon Auctions to upload the advertisement on your behalf then we charge 20% of the sale price. There is a minimum £10 charge per pigeon sold. If you require further guidance on how to upload photos and details, contact us here and we will take you through the process step by step.  

If you require Midlands Pigeon Auctions to collect and hold your pigeons, do the photographs and advertising, the fee will be 35% of the total sale.    Payment for purchases is also a simple process. It is quick and easy, all you need to do is click on the PAY MPA button and pay direct. We also accept credit/debit cards and PayPal payments if required.   

Full details of our service here